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AKD Aggressive Income Fund (Formerly: AKD Income Fund) (AKD-AIF)


AKD-AIF History Chart

AKD Aggressive Income Fund (Formerly: AKD Income Fund) (AKD-AIF) Fund Live Data. AKD-AIF current nav price is 53.0085 PKR. Assets Under Management are of 938.84 M. Today AKD-AIF current change is -6.26%

About Fund

AKDAIF is a dedicated fund that focuses primarily on fixed income securities and instruments. The objective of AKDAIF is to offer investors a convenient vehicle to invest in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities/instruments that provide consistent returns with concern for the preservation of capital over the long term.

Risk Profile


Key People
Imran Motiwala CEO
Mr. Danish Aslam Fund Manager
AKD-AIF Detail
Inception Mar 22, 2007

AKD-AIF Performance
Return (%) Absolute Return
1 Month 3 Month 6 Month YTD 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Return 10.26% 11.67% 10.52% 11.16% 9.19% 1.76% -1.30%

Peer Comparison
Fund AUM Nav 1M 3M 6M YTD 1Y 3Y 5Y
Askari High Yield Scheme 1.73 B 106.2263 3.53% 9.77% 8.05% 9.23% 7.35% 2.80% -0.88%
UBL Growth & Income Fund (Formerly: United Growth & Income Fund) 1.58 B 88.0395 5.46% 11.29% 9.19% 10.86% 11.92% 5.92% 5.49%
Faysal Income & Growth Fund 1 B 109.9500 8.69% 9.51% 8.25% 9.02% 7.46% 2.34% -0.64%
Pakistan Income Enhancement Fund 931.66 M 55.9445 8.69% 12.19% 10.28% 11.63% 8.74% 3.43% 1.13%
BMA Chundrigar Road Savings Fund 121.3 M 8.5180 4.66% 10.18% 8.20% 9.15% 7.36% 1.06% -2.24%
Alfalah GHP Income Multiplier Fund 108.7 M 53.6892 7.74% 11.95% -3.70% 3.50% -1.42% -0.87% 1.49%

Fund Manager Reports:
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AKD-AIF Asset Distribution

AKD-AIF Holdings
Fund Name 2021, Sep 2021, Aug 2021, Jul 2021, Jun 2021, May 2021, Apr 2021, Mar 2021, Feb 2021, Jan 2020, Dec

Page description

Checkout AKD Aggressive Income Fund (Formerly: AKD Income Fund) NAV History, Asset Allocation Details, Assets Under Management, Total Expense Ratio, Management Fee, Sales & Marketing Expense %, Front Load %, Backload, and Cognitive Load %.

AKD Aggressive Income Fund (Formerly: AKD Income Fund) mutual funds fund performance nav history asset allocation details assets under management total expense ratio management fee sales & marketing expense % front load % backload and cognitive load % top gainer funds top loser funds

Fund Snapshot

Prev Close. 53.0176
Assets Under Mangement (AUM): 938,840,000
Total Expense Ratio (TER): 2.65
Management Fee (MF): 1.50
Sales & Marketing Expenses (%) -
Front Load (%) 1.00
Back Load (%) -
Cognitive Load (%)

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