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Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0
Syed Muhammad Faraz

Stop Throwing your Money Away: Take Control of your Trading
Future with Our Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0

15 weeks, excluding 1 week orientation.

2 -3 hours self-paced learning

Registration Dates: 01 July - 30 Oct, 2024

Next Batch Starts 15 Nov, 2024

Full Payment
640 USD 800 USD Save upto 20%
profitable insights

Hone your trading skills to
gain profitable insights

trading decisions

Earn passively with informed
trading decisions

trading career

Launch your freelance
trading career with confidence

expert technical analysis

Fine-tune trading strategies
based on technical indicators and patterns

About the Course

Welcome to the Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0: a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of trading strategies and analysis.
This 15-week course is designed to help you unlock the potential of Technical Analysis and gain a competitive edge in the markets.


is Technical Analysis?

When it comes to trading, Technical Analysis is an essential tool for making informed decisions. It involves analyzing market data, such as price movements and volume, to identify patterns and trends. By using Technical Analysis, traders can predict the direction of market movements and make more informed decisions on when to enter or exit trades.



Does Technical Analysis Work?

Technical Analysis is based on the belief that historical price movements can provide insight into future price movements. Analysts use various charting tools and indicators to identify trends and patterns in market data.
This analysis can help traders make better-informed decisions about when to buy or sell assets.



Choose Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0?

By using Technical Analysis, traders can gain a competitive edge in the international markets. It allows traders to make more informed decisions and avoid emotional trading based on fear and greed. With the use of Technical Analysis, traders can create a data-driven trading strategy that can help them succeed in the markets.

The Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0 is perfect for anyone who wishes to delve into trading financial instruments. But if you’re a novice trader on the lookout to upskill your Technical Analysis - this course will surely go a long way in adding to your knowledge. Whether you are looking to trade stocks, bonds, forex, or cryptocurrencies, Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0 will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of Technical Analysis and how to use it to create an effective trade plan with concise risk management. You will be equipped with the skills and confidence to make calculated trading decisions and achieve your financial goals.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0. Sign up today and start your journey towards becoming a more informed and successful trader.


What this Course Covers

Technical Analysis is based on charts, patterns, and trends. Each tradable asset has a historical timeframe and a future price movement based on historical data. Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0 by Syed Muhammad Faraz will help students understand the basics of predicting the future value of any tradable asset by intricate yet detailed analysis of historical data.

At the end of the course, students will have the necessary skills and tools to trade a wide range of financial instruments and indices to name a few. That's not all! The Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0 will level up your skills and allow students to trade other tradeable assets such as:

  • Forex Market
  • Crypto Currency
  • Commodities such as Crude Oil, Brent Oil, Rice, Wheat, Gas, Gold and other precious metals

Through a combination of online lectures, weekly assignments, and real-world case studies, you will learn how to analyze market data, identify patterns and trends, and make informed trading decisions. The assignments will be conducted on a Demo-account with real-time trades on a market-leading broker account assigned by the Instructor.

Our team of experienced mentors with outstanding skills and experience will guide you through the course on Sarmaaya’s Discord Community providing you with personalized feedback and support throughout your learning journey.

What you’ll learn

Module 1: Trending Patterns

Module 1 comprises 3 lectures on Dow Theory, Candlestick Patterns and Trendlines

Module 2: Non-Trending Markets

Module 2 comprises 3 lectures on Support and Resisitance, Continuation Patterns and Reversal Patterns

Module 3: Projections

Module 3 comprises 2 lectures on Fibonacci Patterns and Harmonics and Seasonal and Time Cycles respectively

Viva Voce Exam

This exam will be conducted at the end of Module 3. Candidates are required to prepare for this crucial exam at the end of Module 3. Clearing the Viva Voce is mandatory if you wish to become a member of the Premium group.

Module 4: Trading Strategies

Module 4 is spread across 6 lectures that include a wide array of trading strategies to implement everything that you've learned into meaningful trades with carefully planned and executed strategies. But there's more! A special bonus lecture will set the tone for your upcoming career as an analyst or a trader.

Intra Competition

Towards the end of the coursework, a special competition will be held among candidates after lecture 13 where surprise monetary prices await!

How you will learn

How you’ll Learn

Our technical analysis master class is designed to be practical and hands-on. We strongly believe that the ideal way to learn and master technical analysis is through real-world examples and applications.

Keeping this in mind, each lecture is recorded with detailed examples and explanations followed by a Quiz, and a separate Execution or an FAQ video (if required).

Discord Server for each batch is available with dedicated and hardworking mentors to guide you every step of the way.

The Lecture is followed by a Live Session where your trainer will answer your Lecture related queries and discussion about the Lecture topic for the week. Participants are required to submit and complete the assignments and quizzes on time.

Throughout the course, other experienced and highly skilled mentors will review the assignments, and offer further guidance for improvement. All you need to do is stay vigilant and practice as much as you can to prepare for the viva at the end of the course.

Career Options after the Course

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to offer trading as a service or start their own freelance careers. Some of the options include:

  • Freelance opportunities on Upwork, Fiverr or other platforms
  • An insightful Signal Provider
  • An expert Technical Analyst
  • A Smart Investor
  • An intuitive Signal Seller
  • A skilled Programmer
  • An effective Strategy Manager
  • A successful Prop Firm Trader

Who Should Join this Course

Technical analysis is the bread and butter for those who want to make trading decisions by analyzing price action and chart patterns, traders can acquire a better understanding of market behaviour and make accurate predictions about future price movements. The biggest advantage of taking the Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0 is to identify entry and exit points, risk management, and effective trading strategies for both the long and short term.

Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0 is can be helpful for individuals who are interested in understanding how to analyze financial market movements using charts and other technical indicators. Additionally, individuals who want to learn more about technical analysis can benefit from taking this course, regardless of their level of experience in financial markets. So to sum it up, this course is useful for anyone who is looking to:

Open a Passive Income Stream

Initiate a steady passive income stream in USD with proven analysis and strategies

Acquire New Skills and Knowledge

Learn new skills and learn more about tradeable assets on international markets

Broaden your Perspective

Become a skilled technical analyst and improve your outlook on international markets, indices and commodities

Become a smart investor

Invest your money intelligently and achieve your financial goals with smart money investment strategies

Upon successful completion of the coursework you’ll be able to:


Earn passively in US dollars from the comfort of your home or on the go


Be a part of the highly coveted Technical Analysis Masterclass 2.0 Alumni Group to get trade calls from senior analysts and Syed Muhammad Faraz


Become a certified trader or an analyst


An opportunity to be a freelance analyst or a trader and be your own boss


Gain a competitive edge in the markets by creating a successful trading strategy with effective risk management


Avoid emotional trading based on fear and greed


Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies


Connect with fellow traders through our interactive community


Build the confidence to make informed trading decisions and achieve your financial goals

Your Programme Trainer

Syed Faraz

Syed Muhammad Faraz

Trainer @

Syed Muhammad Faraz is a seasoned trader and analyst with years of experience in trading multiple financial instruments locally and internationally. Coming from an Engineering background, Syed Faraz started his trading career in 2014. His passion for trading stocks led him to delve into the complex world of trading, analysis, indices and commodities. After years of research and hard work, he compiled a comprehensive Technical Analysis course to help people gain financial freedom through stable income streams as a trader, analyst, and signal seller to name a few. Currently, he is working with a renowned broker of PSX as a technical analyst.

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