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Technical Training Bootcamp by Faraz

When you hear somewhere that your trading success depends on a good strategy or luck, it is not true. The key factors of long-term profit in trading are money and risk management as well as trading psychology.

Course Content

Week 1:
Beginners guide, type of charts, type of timeframes, market phases

Week 2:
Dow theory

Week 3:
Support and Resistance

Week 4:
Trend lines, Channels and Tools

Week 5:
Candle sticks1

Week 6:
Candle sticks2

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:
Three magic

Week 10:
Trading strategy1

Week 11:
Trading strategy2

Week 12:
Trading strategy3

Week 13:
Build your own combo and back testing

Week 14:
Guide to freelancing trading

About Trainer
FarazFaraz started his trading career back in 2014. He was attracted to trading stocks, forex and crypto many years ago as he heard anecdotes about average people changing their lives by generating handsome financial returns in a short span of time. He dedicated his time to research and guiding retail traders to become successful traders. He has a strong command of technical analysis and extensive knowledge of Algo trading. Currently, he is working with a renowned broker of PSX as a technical analyst.

Syed Muhammad Faraz
Fee 50,000 PKR
Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
100% Money Back
* Within First 4 Weeks
15 Weeks
Mode Of Training
Registration Dates:
Aug 23 - Sep 23, 2021
Training Start:
Oct 02, 2021

Students Reviews


13 ratings

The strategies I have learnt in the last 3 months by being part of this course have made a remarkable difference to my trading in PSX, Forex and the Crypto market. Proud to be a member of the first training program conducted by Faraz & Saramaaya. Would highly recommend this training program to everyone who is looking to build one of the most rewarding skills in this world i.e. Trading.

Ammar Mateen

A Big Thanks to the whole team of  Sarmaaya & A Special Thanks to Mr Syed Muhammad Faraz Dear Sarmaaya Team I am writing this to express my gratitude towards the whole team of Sarmaaya. I was super excited to be a part of this project before and I truly believed that this will be a life-changing event for me. A big big thanks to the whole team for taking me into consideration and making me a part of this project. Advice: Must Join This Training Regards Muhammd Muneeb (Creator Of i

Muhammad Muneeb

I join the training at that time when i even don't know what is trading how many markets are available for trade and what are charts. For the guidence of our Great teacher Syed Faraz ALHAMDOLILAH today i am able to pick trade and know how to anylysis the charts and which time we use what kind of strategy. I have no words to express my feeling about this training program and our great USTAD G. Just want to say Sir tuse great o.

fahad akram

This is the best trading course so far. Been into many trading courses before but no one teaches the way Faraz bhai teaches us. Hands on learning experience. Faraz Bhai is very knowledgeable and shows so much passion for teaching and was always there to answer any questions. Highly recommend this course to those who wanna become a successful trader.

Adeel Zahoor

I would say that this course is well above ones that I have taken until now. I was already aware about TA but this course has shaped and refined my direction and focus. I would add that Faraz Bhai introduced that X-Factor (Gap Area) which I was lacking in my systems. Everything was at its highest order. The program was nicely carried and managed from start till end. Moreover the content is nicely sequenced followed by precision. To all the readers, Its highly recommended.

Usman Ali

I did not know anything about what is candle stick, what is trend line or how to do basic chart analysis. I had a lot to learn from basic to advance things but trainer i.e Faraz bhai made it very easy for us to learn the concepts of technical analysis of Crypto, forex and stocks and shared his vast knowledge with us, he is the best out there. The best part about this training program is the future plans of Sarmaya team for us for which I am very thankful.

wajahat ullah siddiqui

In short its a crisp, concise and to the point course. No bullshit theories ....just practical work. Stop wasting you time in using standard indicators which whole world is using but do not give consistent results ..........No moving averages no oscillators no Bollinger band.............get onto price action plan and learn with best trainer faraz ...... he will make you learn the skills so that your charts speak for you...... Just go for it this course

Rabee Khatlany

Excellent training by the remarkable teacher (Syed Muhammad Faraz). All credits to "Faraz bhai" for starting the session with very basics and taking along everyone up to the highest level of Technical Analysis. The concept were explained very clearly and thoroughly with instructions to practice what what was taught. Faraz bhai reviewed hundreds of charts in the weekly live sessions, which only a passionate teacher can do. Thanks to Sarmaaya/Laeeq bhai for providing this platform.


It was a great to learn trading techniques across multi assets. It will definitely make me more independent in analyses and decision making. Thank you for a great session. Proud to be student a good mentor and be part of wonderful group of people. Wish Sarmaaya becomes the leader in Pakistan for data and analytics platform implementing technology resulting in excellent screeners, robos, like happening globally.

Abdul Basit Ladha

I have taken this course of technical analysis program badge 1 after taking this course from which i have learned how to analyze any market and trade, have changed my trading strategies my grip and command on different trading markets specially PSX... Faraz bhai is not an ordinary teacher but also a good friend to his students who teaches and guides you in all ways, This person himself is a school of trading technical you can see from his videos which are available on Youtube, more then 5 stars.


Excellent training program, learn a lot. Syed Faraz have knowledge and composed as well. I am happy to grab this opportunity.

Irfan Siddique

Learned alot from faraz bhae, training content was awesome and well organized by team

Ahmad Lone

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