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  1. Mutual Funds Basics

    • Type of Mutual Funds
    • Risky Assets VS Risk-Free Assets
    • Risk Profiles
    • How to access data of AMC through Sarmaaya website
    • How to access Fund Manager Report
  2. Mutual Funds Advance

    • Understand the Mechanism of Bonds
    • Compare Mutual Funds Fees and Performance
    • Secrets of Picking good companies through Mutual Fund Reports
    • Understand Interest Rates and Economy Cycle
    • How to Read Fund Manager's Report
  3. Mutual Funds Strategy

    • Comparison of KSE 100 and interest rates
    • Understand 4 different zones available for investments
    • SIP technique to earn outstanding gains
  4. Macro Economics - Pakistan Profile

    • Understand the macroeconomics of each Country
    • Mechanism of different stock market performances around the world
    • Understand Recession Indicators
    • 7 different factors to look in a country
    • Current Account Deficit and Fiscal Account Deficit
    • How to check value a currency
  5. Language of Investing

    • Understand the basic principles (financial jargons) in starting a business
    • Understand Business Flow of the Company
    • Understand basic difference between financial statements
    • Understand why companies go public (IPO)
    • Understand KSE 100 composition
  6. Financial Analysis of a Company

    • Understand Income Statement
    • Understand Balance Sheet
    • Understand Cash Flow Statement
    • Understand how to do Financial Analysis of a Company
    • Understand the Ratios behind the good and bad company
  7. Valuation and Inventory Analysis

    • Understand How to find Undervalued stocks
    • Understand why good companies are not available at cheap prices
    • Understand Market Valuation
    • Understand Valuation of a company
    • Understand Inventory Ratios
    • Understand the importance of cash Conversion Cycle
  8. Business and Management Analysis

    • Understand the core conditions for a successful business
    • Understand essentials of Annual Report
    • Understand Risk Factors
    • Understand Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Understand the power of Free cash Flows
  9. Intrinsic Values and Avoiding Red Flags

    • Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF Model)
    • How to find Intrinsic Value of a company using different techniques
    • 6 different Red Flags in a company
    • Solutions to avoid the red flags in a company
  10. Sarmaaya Tools and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

    • Importance of Investment vs inflation using Inflation calculator
    • Importance of Dividends and Bonuses
    • ROI Calculator and how to earn money smartly
    • Various Sarmaaya tools for investing smartly
    • Portfolio Tracking using Sarmaaya Portfolio Tracker
    • Concept of Rebalancing
    • Mechanism behind investing in ETF
  11. Gold and other Metals

    • History of Gold and significance of Gold
    • Relation of Gold with Capital Markets
    • Comparison of Gold with other metals
    • Connection of Gold and Silver
    • Fundamentals of Other Metals
  12. Forex Characteristics

    • Risk on Vs Risk off currencies
    • Ranging Vs Trading Pairs
    • Currencies Vs Equity Markets
    • Macroeconomics basics behind Forex market
  13. Strategies

    • 5 different strategies to apply according to macroeconomic situation
    • Why our Model and Techniques have beaten Stock market in the past
    • Understand Investor Profile
    • Applying complete analysis on our learnings

Ammar Yaseen

A Tech and Finance enthusiast who loves to automate his work. Based on the ideology, Ammar recently worked on a Fintech startup (NIC Lums Incubated Batch 5) that helps investor makes smart decisions. Developed smart investment tools using AI and big data. Ammar is also a part time trainer in capital markets to 3000+ students globally. He has developed and strategize different Trading Algorithms (Bots) on and is currently the only seller from Pakistan. His vision is to develop bots that help ease out Capital Market traders in investment making decisions. He has 10+ years’ experience running his family business. The business deals with local and international fashion market of both the retail and wholesale. Major chunk of business is based on serving the wholesales market. An Economics and Mathematics Major from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS 2007-2011) with Specialization in Investment Management from University of Geneva.

  1. How the training will be delivered?

    • Training is delivered virtually online.
  2. How the training is delivered?

    • There will be a pre-recorded video which will be shared by each Sunday every week. There will be assignment each week which will be submitted by Friday each week. It will be followed up with a live session every Saturday at approx. 6pm. On Saturday, you can discuss with the trainer if you have any issue related to the content, also trainer will review assignment on Saturday live session
  3. On which platform training will be delivered?

    • Training content will be shared on Sarmaaya LMS platform. You will have lifetime access on the platform. For discussion and community learning we will be using private facebook group
Arsalan Zeb

All you need to know about fundamentals of capital market before starting investment. Thanks to Sir Ammar and Sarmaaya team for this amazing course.

Muhammad Haseeb

I enrolled in this course to understand the fundamentals of the stock markets. This course was beyond my expectations because we not only covered in-depth stock market fundamentals but other asset classes including commodities, mutual funds and forex. I would highly recommend taking this course and it will be a life-changing experience for managing your investments. Kudos to Ammar as he explained each concept in detail and answer all questions related to the lessons.

Junaid Hassan

So far what I have seen and read on the site its gives me a feeling that I have come to the right place if I want to invest in the stock exchange.

Muhammad Saif ur Rehman

I am expecting by end of this course, i will be able to analyze fundamentals of stocks effectively and take right decisions.

Wajahat Ali

Looking forward for great experience


Inshallah laeeq sb and their team well trained us. BEST WISHES FOR ALL IN THIS GROUP.

Umair Rauf

Good course for beginners to learn fundamental knowledge of financial markets.

Mujtaba H

It was great learning experience. Ammar's knowledge on the domain and dedication to transfer this knowledge is really admirable. I am still catching up with the course but this already has turned out a very good investment for myself so far. Also's digital learning platform to cover the course content on your own pace makes it more worthy and a safe investment.

rahman qamar

hi! before taking this course, i have no experience and financial knowledge about investing. but after taking this course and support of trainer (Ammar Yasin) I am able to understand market and invest wisely, and overall journey with Sarmaaya and trainer (Ammar Yasin) was very good.

Ali Ikhlaq

Ammar sb was outstanding and still we can ask him question regarding anything he reply back to us

Muhammad Makki

I attended this course by having great expectations. I am proud to say that Sir Ammar has delivered a wonderful strategy to analyze markets. If anyone is interested in learning about the markets then this course is a no brainer for them.

Ehsan Ul Haq

It was great learning experience although I was not much active in the group but Sir Amaar deliver very good fundamentals training

Ali Hussnain

This course is really impressive especially for those who have no idea how capital markers works, how smart money moves from one place to another, What are mutual funds and most importantly How to select the Quality Stocks. Recommending to everyone.

Mashel Aamir

Excellent content, excellent teacher, KUDOS

Rameez Anjum

Ammar is an excellent teacher. This is a very good course for anyone who wants to truly understand how to make your mark in the capital markets. This course teaches you the investment strategies used by the smart money. The course covers every thing from micro and macro economy concepts related to investing, from mutual funds to individual stocks selection as well as commodities and forex. My returns on investments that I do personally improved significantly after applying the knowledge learn

Junaid Munir

It was an amazing experience learning "Fundamentals of Capital Markets". Yes, Indeed, it was a best investment one could made to become financially literature person. The learning journey was amazing from learning What Smart Money is doing in certain economic environment, Macro economic perspective to decide in which Asset class to invest in to stock selection using Investogenie model is superb. I highly recommend this course for those who want to excel in the field of investing,

Adnan Qureshi

Being a healthcare professional residing abroad, I was seeking a platform to learn basics before I start investing. Despite being so much depth of knowledge imparted, the course was made amazingly easy and interesting by Ammar for a layman like me. I will highly recommend everyone who is interested in learning finance should definitely take this course. A lot of theoretical background with amazingly practical giveaways make this course unique and a must for everyone from a novice to a pro level

Arif ali

Masha Allah, what a wonderfull experince with Ammar Yaseen in course of fundamental analysis. this course give me an oppertunity to understand fundamentals of economy of our country and the rest of the world, and also understand the key factors that are influence the world economy. this course is road map for me to understand the economic situation, find the opertunity and capatalised it. thanks to Ammar Yaseen and team Sarmaaya and feel proud to part of it.

Minaam Fasihi

Ammar is an excellent trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his field. The live calls easily last for more than 2 hours since Ammar answers everyone in detail until we fully understand. Ammar ensures that all of us are following course contents and if we are struggling, he would personally get involved and help. You learn about macro-economics, how countries react in different phases and what's the best strategy in all such scenarios. And he helps us make great returns. :)


Besides deep knowledge of stock markets, this course enables you to differentiate between various investment instruments and therefore make the best decisions in your journey of investment and financial freedom. After graduation, you are always confident about the way you invest your hard earned money. Best point in this course is the teacher and mentor: Mr. Ammar Yaseen. You would always cherish your learning with him and remember him amongst t=your favourite teachers.

Imran Masood

Alhamdulillah, excellent experience. Ammar masters his domain very well and his ability to convey the message accross is amzing. Being non-finance background it wasn't hard to cope up the lectures. I shall definitely recommend this course to others. Keep up the good work Ammar bhai! Once again big thank you Ammar Bhai, Laeeq and the team. Cheers!

Shayaan Rauf

Having listened to many podcasts on Finance and Economics since 2018 for my personal trading and investment, Ammar's course was the icing on the cake. The weekly lectures are broad and cover all the important info, yet the delivery is concise and to-the-point. The instructor helped me out personally to improve on some of my strategies which has now given me added confidence. I can't thank him enough for helping me understand the macroeconomic aspects. Kudos for compiling this info 4 ur students.


Thank you for Sarmaya especially Ammar, Laeeq Bhai and the whole team who has provided us such an opportunity to learn about world of investments and increase our financial literacy. I found the course extremely beneficial, as it provided me with a wide range of resources and practical knowledge that I will be able to use in my future investment. The course provided me with an understanding of what financial markets are and how it can be used to make informed decisions regarding your finances.

Imran Minhas

One may think that you know a thing or two about investment vehicles, until you take this course and discover that you don't know a drop in ocean of information that Ammar shares in this course. This course could potentially lead to a career change, no need for an MBA, that probably won't prepare you as well as this course would. Ammar should teach this stuff at uni level, this info needs to get out to a larger population.

Muhammad Faisal

This is a ''Quadrant-2" course and is filled with tons of knowledge which stretches your investment mindset. The course begins with lessons on the investment strategies adopted by 'smart money' so you are always on the winner's side right from start. Ammar, the trainer, is always generous in sharing his financial wisdom and the way he has compiled such widespread subjects in 16 lessons (which are relevant globally) deserves all appreciations. Highly recommended !

Junaid Rao

This course is excellent. If you want to have a passive income that beats inflation and capital market benchmarks, join this course. It covers all aspects from fundamental analysis to tracking the smart money for an informed investment.

Awais Ali

The course was an amazing journey on exploring various avenues of investments and it was not limited to stock markets only. The instructor always went an extra mile to make us understand the nuances of Capital markets with practical examples and sound strategies. This course is definitely recommended for being a life saviour in your financial life.

Muhammad Naveed

This course was an absolute eye opening for me as I had no idea about the basics on which economy usually works. Ammar Bhai shared a great deal of knowledge with us regarding interest rates, stock markets and stock picking strategies. Especially, how to move your investments according to the economic situation. Inshallah I am hoping will be able to utilise all this knowledge to my future investments. I will highly recommend this course as it has potential to make you a better investor.

Dilshad Qamar

A great initiative by Sarmaaya platform by delivering such adequate training courses which have the enlightened and developed skills to understand macroeconomics and influencing parameters that play a vital role in making decisions in financial markets. Moreover, skills developed in this tutoring help to avoid unfavorably and spot moves of smart money in the market. This course is a distinction for me, as it has taught a broad spectrum from Microeconomics to trading techniques.

salman yousuf

Excellent Training on Macro Economics, seeing big picture and relate from day to activities specially in stock exchange and currency markets. You will get to know how to evaluate companies for investment, right time to jump. and best part about the course you will be avoiding bad scrips/bad decisions that you might been taken before this course. I personally like the course and way Ammar has delivered this.

Hamza Imtiaz

The course content is excellent and takes a well directed approach to make you understand market fundamentals and how does economy works. One of the best thing is learn when to be in the market and when to avoid it. Understanding of macroeconomic indicators give enable to make wise decisions if you are doing some business. The content is rich and helps you to make sound decisions with your investment. I would recommend everyone to take this course and other trainings by sarmaaya

Muhammad Naveed

Aoa. It was a fantastic experience to get knowledge from excellent teacher. All the knowledge transfered were full of past examples and a strategy was designed for the expected future. Even i did not complete my course due to my business activities but the knowledge I got from him was enough for me to make a good strategy for future in financial market. I would recommend this course to all those persons who want to increase their passive income. Thank you very much for giving me this confid

Hassan Shams

I was in 1st Batch. I would say if you are a regular guy with a job or business and want to invest in psx, you just have to learn Fundamental Analysis and take time do its work. This course will take care of that.


This course is excellent. It covers all aspects from fundamental analysis to tracking the smart money for an informed investment.

Muhammad Ayan Akhter

Overall great training. Worth to invest in yourself if you want to get an insight into how capital markets work PSX primarily. Good value for money. Lots of information to deal with. Best thing is the instructor is super encouraging to ask questions and give detailed answers no matter how much time it takes. I enjoyed the overall training.

Syed Abdul Qoodooss

"No One Loves Your Money Like You Do". so manage your own money in your own way within limited time devotion. A great financial literacy course which will take u from zero to the level of fundamental analyst. Really enjoyed every single class with loads of knowledge by Instructor (Ammar Bhai). It was a life changing experience. Highly recommended for everyone, earlier the better.

muhammad sher

The training was great, the contents were exceptional and the trainer has made everything so easy to learn. One can easily grip on stock selection and better decision making while investing, specifically how to invest money smartly.

Zahid Bin Zulfiqar Ali

One of the best invest on myself. After this course my take on govt & any company structure is totally changed. Behind this 16 Week course, there is a long time effort of Mr. Ammar, he is not just your teacher, but a great mentor & friend which will support/ help you grow. Real gems of this course will be after the course completion when you get be a part of a great community for advice, news etc etc. In short this course worth every penny to make you millionaire. Use zahid-8433 for discount.

Aneek Saleh Mohammad

Excellent training structured around key elements of fundamental analysis, I would definitely recommend the course to someone who has been learning trading/investing for a while and has learned a bit of technical analysis. My experience with the trainer, Ammar in particular and Sarmaaya, in general, has been very pleasant, they provide a lot of help and push you to be proactive. There is tons of learning material, sometimes overwhelming but very useful. Ammar is very professional, gives ex

Muhammad Usman Tanveer

This course has been eye opening and life changing experience for me. I must say it was the best course I have taken. These things we have never heard while growing up. Even our parents and friends have no clue about this. We have been forced to study courses in our schools, colleges and even universities which have no practical benefits in our life. In my opinion this course must be taught as a compulsory course for every student in university if not in college.

Fayyaz Ahmed

Wonderfull Training by Mr. Ammar, he delivered all the lectures in a very good way , live sessions was tremendous all quieries were answerable. before i have no knowledge about macro Economics but now Alhamdulillah i have knowledge about Pakistan Economics, economics indicator , PSX fundamental including Mutual Funds.

Ibrar Hussain

It was a great learning experience, after completing the course you can predict the market based on country, makete and company analysis, you can do analysis for any company from the anual report, without requireing any prior financial knowledge as I in my case.

Daniyal Khan

The best asset one must invest in is financial education. Ammar Yaseen and Laeeq Ahmad. The service you are doing is priceless. May your dream of financially literate Pakistan come true soon. It will be an honour to be a part of the community. Stay dedicated and keep adding value to our lives. Jazakallah.

Aqeel bin Shoukat

It was a fantastic and great exploring journey into new horizons while learning a lot over the past few months... The quality of content and unmatched delivery with extreme dedication was a unique experience in itself. No doubt the course was not typical flipping through power point slides infect it was lesser and much more interactive and learning focused.... Thanks and all praise to Ammar Yaseen for leading the course and his team especially Mohsin Rasheed who ensured we receive even recorded

Muhammad Ashar Slam

I didn't have any prior knowledge of Stock Trading or Financial Markets. I took this course Masha-Allah Amazing Experience and lots of Knowledge Shared by Ammar. He delivered This Course very thoroughly and Guided Us at every Step. I Would Totally Recommend anyone who wants to Understand Financial Markets and how they Work. This is the Course For that. Once again Thank You Ammar for this Opportunity to learn and Thank You Sarmaaya for providing us this Platform

Registrations are closed for the current training batch, but if you are still interested, drop us an email at [email protected], we will contact you if any student dropout in the current batch.

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