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Stock Screener

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Stock Screener :

Stock screeners are tools that market participants use to sort shares based on user-defined criteria. Stock screeners are available on prominent trading platforms and websites for a subscription fee. The stock screeners allow users to select trading commodities that fit a specific profile or set of parameters. Market participants, for example, can sort companies by market capitalization, price, P/E ratio, 52-week price change percentage, dividend ratio, average five-year investment return, and average volume. Longer-term traders can use stock screeners to apply their methodology to what makes a company or ETF valuable, while shorter-term traders can use them to discover a potential trading opportunity (shorter-term traders)

Where to find Stock Screener:

You can go to the stock options on the app or website of Sarmaaya and click on stocks where the option of the stock screener is available. By clicking on the stock screener we will go on the page with filtering and screening options.


The price means the stock price for which the stock is selling at the market. It can be adjusted according to the clients’ or investors’ needs.

Market Cap:

The market capitalization of a company is compared to its book value at the price to book ratio. So the investors can use it to strategize investments.

Dividend Yield:

Dividend yield tells investors’ that how much dividend the company pays in percentage. Market cap is the total value of the company. It is a product of outstanding shares and the price of the share.

Price to Earning Ratio:

Price to earnings ratio tells you about the valuation of the company and compares earnings with price of stock.

These things are required by the investors and he can filter them to get the desired asset, stock, or commodity he wants to invest in.

How to use Stock Screener:

Many traders use the stock screener to find stocks that are about to do very well over the term. The features of the stock screener can be used by an active trader to detect potential setup for short-term trades. Individuals can employ a variety of filters. The greater the number of filters, the fewer stocks will be displayed. Stock screeners allow investors and users to compare multiple stocks in a short amount of time. This will assist you in finding and eliminating equities that do not match the needs of an investor or user while focusing on those instruments that are well within the parameters that have previously been established.

The investor can filter the stocks based on what stocks he wants to invest in. At Sarmaaya we have a filter for stock price, Price/book value, Price/Earnings ratio, dividend yield, change percentage, and Market cap. They can filter all these values at their required amount to get the stocks according to those values set.

The narrower the pool of viable assets to invest in becomes as the customer adds more criteria. In the end, stock screeners usually provide something for every client and should be utilized to check what kind of information is accessible before making a transaction or investment. Stock screeners may aid users in their trading techniques

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